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The Arbitration Court at the Bulgarian Economic Chamber resolves civil and commercial disputes as well as disputes about gaps to be filled in contracts or their adaptation to newly appeared facts, regardless if the seat or the domicile of one or both parties is in the Republic of Bulgaria.

Disputes arising from proprietary rights or possessions of immovables as well as disputes arising from rights related to employment relations may not be resolved by the Аrbitration court.

The Arbitration Court exercises its powers on condition that the dispute has been brought to it either by an arbitration agreement or by an international treaty. The arbitration agreement must be in a written form. The agreement is considered to be in а written form also if it is found in written or electronic communications or messages exchanged between the parties.

Unless the parties stipulate anything else, their corresponding expression of assent to bring the dispute to the Arbitration Court at the Bulgarian Economic Chamber shall have the sense and significance of an acceptance of the Rules of the Arbitration Court at the Bulgarian Economic Chamber.

The Arbitration Court solely decides if it has the powers to consider and decide on the dispute brought to it. The objection for lack of powers of the Arbitration Court has to be made not later than the reply to the statement of claim unless there is a reasonable justification for the delay. The Arbitration Court rules on the objection for lack of powers either by a ruling or by the decision of the arbitration case.