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  • To encourage the economic relations between Bulgaria and other countries in terms of commerce, industry, agriculture, finances, transport, technologies, professional activities and others, related to the above said activities.
  • To aim for constructive solutions in the sphere of Bulgarian and international business relations.
  • To protect and encourage the common commercial interests of its members.
  • To encourage and maintain an ethical standard or ethical code regarding the conduct of business.
  • To make the opinion of the members of the Chamber known on all types of economical, commercial, financial, industrial and other similar matters.
  • To collect and propagate information related to the commerce, industry, agriculture, finances, transport, technologies, professional activities, tax matters related to such matters and other relevant topics.
  • To assist its members who are engaged or intend to become engaged with developing commercial ties between companies in Bulgaria and other countries for legitimate purposes.
  • To represent our diverse membership on issues of common interest.
  • To provide a forum for networking and access to information.
  • To serve as a trusted and influential advocate with the state institutions.
  • To encourage civic-minded participation in the local communities.
  • To promote the Chamber’s core values.


  • For the purpose of achieving its objectives and goals the Bulgarian Economic Chamber shall maintain regular relations with its members, and interact with the business community, agencies and the authorities in Bulgaria.
  • The means that the Chamber shall use to achieve its objectives and goals:
  1. collecting and providing contact information of Bulgarian companies and professionals;
  2. procuring and providing information regarding the commercial relations between Bulgaria and other countries;
  3. provision of the respective commercial information related to commerce and other economic matters of Bulgaria and other countries;
  4. organizing events and performing programs of commercial interest;
  5. interaction with the appropriate Bulgarian state authorities, as well as the respective international organizations related to trade and investments;
  6. undertaking any and all other actions, leading to the achievement of the said objectives and goals.


Bulgarian Economic Chamber
Bulgarian Economic Chamber